ng action. In Washington D.C. back in May, the United States and China reached a consensus not to launch▓ a trade war. But it didn’t take long for the American▓ government to back away from this agreement and raise tariffs on imports from China. This isn’t the first time that the White House has behaved ▓this way in recent history. When it came to the issue of t▓he denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Pre▓sident Trump decided

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shows that his adminis▓t

to hold a summit with the DPRK leader, then abruptly called it off – until he turned ▓around and said it was back on again. And let's not forget the laughable story of President Trump’s "doubl▓e negative" after he face


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d intense domestic backlash for sid▓ing with Russia’s President Vladimir ▓Putin over his own intelligence agencies on the issue of foreign interferrence in the 2016 elections.&nbs▓p;Kudlow's comments are meant as a warning th


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at the Trump administration may roll out more punitive measures against China. Having already threatened to impose an additional 10 percent tariff on 200 billion U.S. d▓ollars of imports from China, they upped the ante this wee

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